• This site is all about environmental consciousness--how to find, inform, and apply it. It connects the dots between science, sustainability, and the spirit, to help build a new relationship with our planet. Individual by individual.

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Just got a look at your new blog...looks great. I like the idea that eConsciousness drives individuals, and individuals drive groups, and groups drive action. That's how things get done.

Keep up the good works.



I see great potential! You've secured a spot in my 'bookmarks', I look forward to seeing where this goes!

Say No to Crack

Thanks for using your passion to help inspire and inform the rest of us! I probably fall in the uninformed, but interested, category. You've got some great points in your blog so far!

Plus, I probably am not who I think I am. Hahaha, sorry, had to put that in there after reading your first line ... when you run a humor site you always have to try to inject a little fun =)


I am absolutely thrilled to discover your blog! Adding it to the Wayward Waif's A Cottage Life blogroll as I plan to return with the anticipation of becoming a regular reader. Nice job! Great concept and content.


!!!!!! Look who is a featured blog at Typepad :) Well deserved I might add. Congrats on the recognition. Wishing you a community of many new readers and conversation. Dalene

Wendy Shillam

Great blog - very informative. I've put you onto my bloglist and visited a couple of your recommendations too. I'm off to the states in July (by freighter as its greener than flying from the UK) any suggestions for good cities to visit to see where things are done well. I've got loads of time and an open rail ticket so out of the way is no problem for me!
Wendy Shillam

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