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Let me see if I have this straight. An outfit that is looking for any reason to build its stature and purpose in the modern world publishes a report claiming "the sky is falling". I guess the next report will make it clear only the UN can save the day.

This is one report not worth the paper it is written on.



I hope you're not going to let a small thing like denying the existence of the UN get in the way of leaving our kids with a chance to live in a world that has at least as much going for it as ours does. Actually, if that's to work, it's gonna be people like you and me who do it, one individual at a time--not the UN. I'm sure that somewhere in the BCR way of looking at things there's a concern that we can't just sit back and let whatever is heading our way roll over us.


p.s.: Why print the report anyway?

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