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Great video! Love it! Love it! Gotta get all my friends to watch it. ... So, what's the brick in the freezer about? I get the brick in the toilet tank to save water ...



Great question...and from my research, you're not the first one this video has prompted to ask it. Here are a couple possibilities:

1. Part of an experiment to see how glaciers can pick up and carry rocks (link:

2. Something that Greenbay Packers football (American) fans do to honor their team (link:

3. It's a scientific method taxidermists use in the preparation of large mammal tissue (ugh) (link here:

But I think 'envelopegirl' has it, as she reports on a YouTube comment string here:

Yes, definitely. I'd go with envelope girl.


p.s.: I bet you thought I had better things to do with my time, eh?

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